Our Team

Coach Matthew

“Tennis has taught me the joys of movement, shared experiences, social skills, goals and commitment. I value enjoyment, learning and supporting each other and hope to promote these values in my students!”

Playing / Coaching Experience

Coach Andres

“When I was 4 years old my parents taught me how to play beach tennis paddle. In a short time, I was extremely talented from a young age and so they put me into tennis classes. The joy, passion and love from the sport has never left me. I would like everyone to feel the same and hopefully make it a lifetime activity. My mission is to share the love for tennis and provide the most rewarding experience to every generation.”

Playing / Coaching Experience

Coach Natasha

“I first started playing tennis when I was 5 years old, hitting a tennis ball tied to a string in the backyard. I have lived and breathed tennis and I can’t wait to help the next generation of players.”

Playing / Coaching Experience

Coach Delaram

“I am really happy when teaching tennis to all players and standards. I especially love the early years of development, those first years are so important. My coaching mission is to make sport more accessible and affordable for women.”

Playing / Coaching Experience

Coach Noelleda

Playing / Coaching Experience

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