Holiday Program

TennisGEN School Holiday program

TennisGEN is offering a Holiday program for the kids of all ages and abilities! Our program at TennisGEN engages and teaches tennis and is a wonderful way to fast track a players learning with supervision and guidance. Holiday Programs are fun, engaging and help players keep active with friends and family. The TennisGEN Holiday Program runs from Monday to Thursday 9am-12pm the first week of school holidays. Everyone is invited to bring their friends along for the experience!

Everyone is welcome! All standards from 4-14 years of age up are invited to join in our TennisGEN holiday program.  

Snacks, drink bottle, athletic clothing, sunscreen, hat and appropriate warm/cold weather coverings. 

No. If you don't have a tennis racquet don't worry, TennisGEN will provide one to get you started and assist you with your future purchase should you wish to continue!

No. It is not required for parents or guardians stay for the duration of the Holiday program. You have peace of mind knowing the professional coaching staff provide a safe learning environment with qualified Tennis Australia coaches. TennisGEN encourages all parents and guardians to watch, remaining off the court during the program. This stance helps our efforts in allowing the player to concentrate entirely on the learning and help establish decision making, confidence, independence and relationship building between coaching and player. 

No.  To participate in the TennisGEN holiday Program you or your family wont need to sign up to club membership nor are you required to be a participant of term coaching. For further information regarding club membership please CLICK HERE. If you are interested in beginning term coaching please CLICK HERE

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