ANZ Tennis Hot Shots is a program for kids who are looking to begin their tennis journey. ANZ Tennis Hot Shots coaching is a perfect program for children aged 3-11 years old! Designed to help children of  all ages and abilities. ANZ Tennis Hot Shots uses modified equipment, including lighter racquets, lower nets and low compression balls to provide a wonderful learning environment. With four fun stages : Blue 3-5 years, Red 5- 8 years, Orange 8-10 years and Green 9+ years. With fun, friendly and qualified coaches who provide engaging tennis activities to help your child reach their full potential!

A range of group lessons for all kids aged 3-11+ years

Private one-on-one Lessons 

The price of the lesson does vary from one age group to the next. On average you can expect to pay between $20-$25 per group coaching session. FREE trials are also available for new ANZ Tennis Hot Shots participants. Find out more here

It is recommended that your child wears comfortable athletic clothes, brings along a hat and a water bottle. If you don't have a tennis racquet don't worry, TennisGEN will provide a racquet for the initial lesson  and assist with the future purchase should you wish to continue!

Begin your tennis journey with a FREE introductory group lesson. Simply register your details online by clicking here. For more information to get started today Call 0451 834 203 or email

To best prepare for the lesson, arrive 5-10 minutes prior to the starting time. Ensure your child has had light meal and bring a bottle of water. Classes include a light warm-up but we suggest to include a light jog and stretch before hitting the courts.  If your child is feeling unwell or has an injury please notify the coaching team prior to the lessons to make any necessary adjustments. 

Parking is FREE at Howard Reserve Carpark (directly next door to the South Camberwell Tennis Club) 

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Age 3-5 Years
Enhancing hand-eye coordination, balance, movement and spatial awareness.
21 & 23 inch racquets.

30 minutes, $22 per session

Age 3-5

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Age 5-8 Years
Developing fundamental tennis skills encouraging appropriate technique.
23 & 25 inch racquets.

45 minutes. $25 per session

Age 5-8

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Age 8-10 Years
Greater understanding of spin and speed in shot selection and serve technique.
25,26 & 27 inch racquets.

45 minutes. $25 per session

Age 8-10

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Age 9+ Years
Players will learn more advanced movement patterns, tactics and are encouraged to maintain their intensity.

45 minutes. $25 per session

Age 9+

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