Adult Tennis

Ever wanted to play tennis and didn’t know how to get it started?


Tennis is a great way to meet new people, have fun and learn and develop new skills whilst remaining active. We have a variety of different programs to suit your skill level both in a group and one-on-one private environment. The process is very simple to get started.

  • Mens Group Lessons
  • Womens Group Lessons
  • Private one-on-one Lessons

It is recommended that you wear comfortable athletic clothes, bring along a hat, water bottle. If you don’t have a tennis racquet don’t worry, TennisGEN will provide one to get you started and assist you with your future purchase should you wish to continue playing. Please advise the coaching staff prior to the lesson should you have any medical or injury issues which may impede your ability.  

The price of the lessons varies depending upon program, groups and private lessons differ in price. On average you can expect to pay between $30-$33 per group coaching session. For private lessons you can expect to pay between $55-$98. FREE trials are also available for new Adult participants for group lessons. Find out more here

Parking is FREE at Howard Reserve Carpark (directly next door to the South Camberwell Tennis Club) 

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This is perfect program for the player beginning their tennis journey and wanting to enhance skills. We provide a welcoming environment for all players and walk you through step-by-step progressions. 

Program based around tactical and technical awareness.

60 minutes $33 per session OR  $30 for a 10 pack

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NextGEN Ladies Squad

Coaching sessions are based around tactical and technical awareness. Players are comfortable rallying from the baseline but would like to gain greater confidence in all aspects of the game.  This is great for the player that have been involved in the sport for a number of years. 

90 minutes $33 per session OR  $30 for a 10 pack

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Mens Tennis

Bringing together a variety of activities and a range of fun tennis drills, Men’s tennis is all about gaining skills and meeting new mates. It’s all about having fun whilst staying fit!

60 minutes $33 per session OR $30 for a 10 pack

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Adult Private Lessons

Accelerate your learning with a personalised experience. Private lessons are a great way to enhance your tennis with tailored one-on-one private lessons to focus on specific parts of your game. For more information on private lessons click here

60 minutes: $98 per session
45 minutes: $76 per session
30 minutes: $55 per session

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