TennisGEN is located at South Camberwell Tennis Club in Glen Iris, Victoria. With a wonderful location, great coaches, quality facilities it’s a perfect destination to foster your tennis journey!

How TennisGEN was formed?

The program was created to help promote the sport and provide programs to all tennis generations. The coaching team are passionate and come from rich coaching backgrounds who have all traveled extensively throughout the world teaching the fundamentals to junior and adults.

Professional & Experienced

We offer programs for the entire family! From kids, to adults & seniors we welcome everyone to begin their tennis journey with us. Tennis builds social skills – teamwork- so when playing doubles or singles you will be developing important communication skills with players.

Fun & Friendly Environment

Fun for every generation! When you arrive at the courts for the first time, be greeted with engaging coaches and players. Be ready to take your tennis to the next level with interactive learning.

Community & Supportive

Having a community focus means we welcome players of all ages and abilities. We are inclusive and committed to providing a positive and meaningful learning environment regardless of sex, sexuality, gender identity, ethnicity or any other defining characteristic.

Great Environment

Boasting a lovely park next to the courts, Howard Dawson Reserve has wonderful facilities. With a large sporting oval, fun playground ,BBQ’s, public toilets provide many the opportunity to walk the paths with loved ones or take to the courts.

Quality Facilities

Playing on our floodlit synthetic grass courts provide a safe learning environment for every level of player. Complimentary showers, change rooms and a comfortable club house to watch the tennis

Our Commitment

TennisGEN is committed to increasing opportunities for all players from diverse backgrounds:


1. Providing learning pathways in a fun, friendly and interactive environment for al participants. 

2. Enhancing pathway opportunities for Blind and Low Vision players, Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Intellectual Disability or Autistic players

3. TennisGEN is committed to provide positive and meaningful tennis opportunities for the LGBTI+ community regardless of their sex, sexuality, gender identity or any other defining characteristic.

4. Creating inclusive playing opportunities through community programs and events.

5. Educating the community of the importance of life-long learning through sport and educational avenues.

Why TennisGEN?

A team of great coaches

If you're looking to start your tennis journey you've come to right place! Our coaches are fun, friendly and equipped with the latest skills to provide the very best tennis experience. Build your skills in a welcoming environment

Social and family friendly

Family friendly, welcoming all abilities and ages. Tennis builds social skills - encouraging teamwork when playing doubles, and important communication skills with singles opponents.

Tennis, a game for life

Tennis is a sport for life. Kids can develop both physical and mental skills. Players have the opportunity to learn comprehensive life skills, that build resilience and confidence. Learning how to win and lose in style is all part of life.

A great way to keep active and learn life skills

Every generation has an opportunity to play and learn. So- no matter if you are beginning tennis for the very first time or a lasped player wanting to reinvgorate your passion again you can start right here!

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