The Future of Tennis

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Finding which activity that seems to be the best fit for your child can be difficult.

It is but practical to want something active, social, and engaging that doesn’t require a lot of costly gear that will be outgrown quickly. If your child is undecided about which sport to pursue, try tennis and you’ll both be surprised why it’s the best sport for growing kids.


Tennis not only teaches kids important life skills like teamwork, determination, and self-confidence, but it also provides them with so many physical benefits! Here are a few examples:


Bone Strength

Daily tennis play strengthens young players’ bones and it helps prevent osteoporosis later in life.


Hand-Eye Coordination

Tennis players learn to consistently assess the timing between the incoming ball and the proper point of touch, allowing them to easily improve their hand-eye coordination even though most practices and sports have failed.


Immune System

Tennis conditioning ensures that your children grow up in the best physical shape possible, which boosts their immune system and resistance to disease!

Thanks to the ANZ HotShots, the future of tennis is bright. This program aims to help every kid, regardless of age or skill, to get started in tennis in a fun and active way. As a modified version of tennis, it’s played on smaller courts with lighter racquets, lower nets, and low compression balls that don’t bounce too high. Trained Tennis Australia coaches lead the sessions through four enjoyable stages (Blue, Red, Orange, and Green).


At TennisGEN, we have qualified coaches to guide your child on their tennis journey. Each class is held in a welcoming atmosphere that encourages participation and inclusion. They are run in small groups and expose children to a sport that they will participate in for the rest of their lives.

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