5 Myths Of Tennis

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Myth #1
Tennis is difficult.

Truth: This myth is rooted in the image of professional tennis players as sport reserved only for the gods, the holy tennis players with endless talent. In reality, when you receive professional instruction from an experienced, knowledgeable coach, tennis is easy and fun to learn. The techniques can be as simple as learning to focus on the ball. One reason why tennis may seem difficult is that we try too hard to concentrate, we’re overly attached to the results, or where not sure if we are doing it right.

Myth #2
You have to be very experienced to play tennis.

Truth: This may be the number one myth about tennis and is the cause of many people not giving tennis a go. Tennis isn’t just for the experienced player. All players have a tennis journey that is unique to themselves. We can’t control when we pick the sport up, but we can control how much practice we can do to develop our skills. Your goals may or may not involve becoming a professional tennis player, however with experience and practice you’ll notice a massive shift in your ability.

Myth #3
It take years of dedicated practice to receive any benefits from tennis.

Truth: The benefits of tennis are both immediate and long-term. You can begin to experience benefits the first lesson and in the first weeks of group lessons. Beyond the physical developments such as improved aerobic capacities, lower resting heart rate and blood pressure, improved metabolic function, improving muscle tone, strength and flexibility. Tennis can also help players experience greater levels of concentration, improved alertness and can even improve memory.

Myth #4
I don’t have enough time to play tennis.

Truth: If you feel like your schedule is too full, remember that even just a few minutes of tennis practice is better than none. We encourage you not to talk yourself out of tennis just because it’s a bit late or you feel too old. We have 75 year old players picking up the racquet for the first time and absolutely falling in love with the sport wishing they had started earlier.

Myth #5
Tennis is expensive.

Truth: You don’t need to go out to purchase the latest tennis racquet or buy a new wardrobe to fit in on the court. We understand every player has a different budget to work with. So if your starting out there is no reason to go for the top of the line, begin with a middle road frame and take it from there. Quickly you’ll understand what you like and how it feels. Lessons are absolutely worth the investment, if your beginning your tennis journey a coach will help you understand the equipment and have a sense of what the game is all about with instruction on the technical and tactical areas of the game. Private lessons provide more of a tailored experience focusing on your specific areas that need attending and range from 30 minutes to 60 minutes. Group lessons are another wonderful opportunity to begin your tennis pathway.  We match the players  of similar standard so you’ll never feel out of your depth. Group learning is a great way to meet new friends and chat about your skills.

Bonus Myth
Tennis coaches are mean

There are many different coaches and styles of teaching tennis. We here at TennisGEN mentor the player and take an individual from their current level to a level where they want to be. We are team of coaches that get a great sense of satisfaction from seeing a player develop both as player and person. We are experienced so you have peace of mind knowing that we are Tennis Australia coach member qualified, insured and screened. Our coaches offer a wide range of services for all ages and standards, from beginners through to High Performance. We are clear in our communication and we listen to the manner in which the player expresses themselves. We are fun, friendly and constantly encourage the learning process.

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